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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Aid Course sponsered by GHNP

Himachal s First 10 Day Training Program in Emergency Rescue and First Aid

Mr. Ankit Sood successfully coordinated a 10 day program in Emergency Rescue and First Aid for members of Ecotourism team belonging to BTCA , staff of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures- an ecotourism company in the GHNP and the forest guards belonging to the Great Himalayan National park. Despite having no serious accidents in the GHNP , we became proactive in first aid as proper early measures may be instrumental in saving life and ensuring a better and more rapid recovery. The Wilderness Emergency Response course covered in-depth principles in medical aspects relative to injury prevention and care. Regulations and contagious/infectious disease, assessment, communication, anatomy and physiology, respiratory emergencies, cardiac arrest, circulatory, soft tissue and wound management, injuries to eyes, ears, nose, throat; burns, poisons, and environmental emergencies including other considerations in wilderness survival.

The course was sponsored by the Biodiversity Conservation Society ( GHNP) and was a 10 day residential course at Kullu Medical Center in A.B Kullu. Dr. Jitender Lal , Ankit Sood , Mr. Ajay Shrivastav, DFO Meera Sharma and Mr. Labh Singh were some of the dignatories present at the closing ceremony.