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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Across the Roof of the world 2009

Daily breifing of our senior staff by the Saradar
Camp Site
On the way to Tunda Bhuj in the Parvati Valley


Success! WOA and Sunshine Himalayan cross the Pin parvati Pass.

The untracked mountain wilderness of the Great Himalayan National Park in northern India is undoubtedly the most pristine alpine landscape in the Western Himalayas… arguably the planet. Amazingly, here in a country that is home to over a billion people, there remain corners where it is yet possible to drink right from untamed, glacier-fed rivers, to wander for days through vast virgin forests and fields of wildflowers in the tracks of Himalayan brown bears, Blue sheep and psychedelically colored pheasants like the Western Tragopan. This year most highlighted expedetion in the GHNP was the crossing of the Pass by Way of Adventure team led by VInce Poscenete an x olympian and a motivational speaker. Backed by the ground operation team of Sunshine Himalayan Adventure and BTCA this turned out to be an epic adventure culminating in Spiti.

Enjoy the pictures.

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